Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bag of Beans

Half of my meals in Tagaytay are spent in Bag of Beans. I really go there for the coffee (Php75 or US$1.65) which is bottomless at Php95 (US$2.10) and for coffee grounds to brew when I go back home. My favorite grounds, are bag of Beans Exelsa of which I always have two bags in reserve.

They do serve excellent meals too at a good price. Tagaytay is a tourist spot, which means food and services there are at a premium price. Bag of Beans offers very reasonable prices for the area.
Bag of Beans is primarily a coffee and bakery which serves a variety of English pies and freshly baked breads which complement their coffee nicely. The English pies include the Apple Pie, Beef & Vegetable, Beef & Mushroom, Shepherds Pie and Steak & Grave which go from a price range of Php55 to Php95 (US$1.20 to US$2.10). Larger 9" pies are available from Php300 to Php360 (US$6.65 to US$8.00). The bread choices consist of white bread, braided bread, whole wheat, cinnamon & raisin and country herb bread which sells for Php50 to Php65 (US$1.10 to US$1.45) for a loaf.

They also serve main course mills here. Our favorites are Roast Beef served with mashed potatoes and gravy, Fish & Chips, Chicken Alakiev, Grilled Blue Marlin and Grilled Tuna Belly. They also serve a variety of pastas. The price range of meals at Bag of Beans ranges from Php175 (US$3.90) for a Garlic & Mushroom Pasta to Php395 (US$8.75) for a Garlic Steak.
What you do not get here is a view of Taal Volcano. But it is a nice quiet secluded spot which is great for outings with friends, family and even pets. Also, with Tagaytay's growing commericialization, it is one of the establishments that is "Originally Tagaytay". One which started here and opened branches in the metropolitan areas later. It still maintains that rustic homely personal feel today.

Buffy (my dog) @ Bag of Beans

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