Monday, August 31, 2009

Royale Tagaytay Country Club

I had lunch two weeks ago at Royale Tagaytay Country Club with is part of the Royale Tagaytay Estates. Royale Tagaytay Estates is a subdivision project located in Amadeo, Cavite. This made getting there a bit confusing, because while the place is called Royale Tagayatay, it is actually not located in Tagaytay City but in the neighboring municipality of Amadeo, Cavite. "Tagaytay" is used in the name to promote sales of the of the subdivision project.

The buffet lunch was very interesting with a wide variety of food choices, including a salad bar, a barbecue section, a Mongolian grill section and a noodle station. The food itself, is pretty good.

Unfortunately, the Club House is starting to look a little bit rundown, and there were plenty of flies in the buffet area, so the ambiance is not so great. The subdivision behind it does not appear to be heavily populated yet, which probably makes it hard to maintain the Country Club properly.

There is a nine hole golf course behind the country club, which is members only.

A recent addition to the Country Club is a new five room accommodation, open to the public, and the rates are about half those you would pay in a hotel or bed and breakfast in Tagaytay City itself, so it may be a decent choice if you are looking for low cost accommodations in the area.

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