Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay

I took some pictures during our very first visit to the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay. It's funny how I'd been going to Tagaytay relatively frequently and yet I has able to go to the Cliffhouse almost three years after they started operations. I enjoyed our stay there and I think you will agree with me if you get to visit the place. It was a good thing that the weather was just perfect that day, too- no fog giving us a clear view of the Taal volcano. The cool Tagaytay breeze never fails to impress.

The Cliffhouse, like One Destination, is a food complex along the Tagaytay Ridge that offers an amazing view of the Taal Lake. It has a very nice garden which gives the place a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

Any one of the restaurants or cafes found at The Cliffhouse is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee... or two. Unlike One Destination, the Cliffhouse has well landscaped grounds and concrete-paved parking lots. It definitely beats passing through dingy, muddy, Gasul-lined alleys to get from one spot to the viewing deck.

We had lunch at Platito where I ordered Longganisa. It was a very hearty meal, the longganisa was delicious.

The meal, at Php190, came with three eggs, cooked according to your preference, and a cup of very good brewed coffee.

Other restaurants in Cliffhouse include Cafe Breton, Massimo's, Fruits in Ice Cream, Domicillo Homestore and Bar, Buon Giorno and Fire Lake Grill.

I am definitely going back there again to try out the other restaurants. Buon Giorno and Fire Lake Grill bears the mark of approval of The Philippine Tattler magazine. Looks promising.

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